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Monday, April 12, 2010

1921 – “I’M IN THE BOOK-PART 2”

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The Nairobi newspapers were not the only places that published guides to Africa in the early 1920s. As was shown last week, the Kenya Annual and Directory and the Red Book were devoted primarily to East Africa and were designed more as social directories and guidebooks for the residents. But another larger directory was published for the purpose of encouraging the development of East Africa. The East African Manual was published by the Mining and Industrial Publications of Africa Ltd.

In the introduction to the manual the editor states "East Africa is to-day the Land of Opportunity For men. In the past the whole country has been adversely criticized, and there seems to have been an organized crusade against prospective settlers venturing to migrate thither. It is one of the objects of this Manual to dissipate the false rumors and erroneous reports which have been broadcast concerning life and opportunity in East Africa." To that effect, this 900 page manual does not bother with listing residents under telephone contacts or post office boxes. Instead it gives detailed information on existing industry in Africa, the railways and harbors, Kenya's political future, industrial companies, mining laws, agricultural prospects, and an extensive buyer's guide listing everything from barometers and boiler makers to engineers, importers, milling machinery and motor trucks to winches and wireless.

The South and East African Yearbook & Guide (with Atlas and diagrams) was edited annually for the Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company, Ltd. This guide begins with a table of distances by sea as well as a listing of South African mails and routes to South and East Africa. Information on tariffs is also included along with immigration information and facts regarding agriculture and mining and other potential industries. Detailed descriptions of routes from port cities to final destinations via boat or rail makes up the bulk of the book.

Both of these books have extensive advertising concerning hotels and businesses. It is easy to see how they became invaluable guidance to anyone wishing to make a new life on a new continent.

Next week: More Kenyan news

Image of The East African Manual and The South and East African Yearbook & Guide with Atlas and diagrams were taken from my copies.

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