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Monday, March 29, 2010


Note: this blog is being typed using a voice recognition program while my right wrist rests snugly in a cast.

With all the new motorcars, taxis, motorcycles, and rickshaws, the Nairobi streets were in bad condition. It was up to the Public Works Department to put them right again.

The streets fell into three categories: metalled roads, murrum roads, sanitary lanes and roads not yet built. Metalled roads were built of crushed stone, and had a coating of bitumen or tar. Murrum roads were essentially packed earth and prone to ruts after every heavy rainy season. Sanitary lanes were the alleys behind the buildings.

Among the metalled roads to be repaired were Victoria St., Harding Street, Race Course Road, 10th Ave., and parts of Government Road. Heaven forbid that one couldn't drive to the racecourse. Roads in Parklands were made of pounded earth and in desperate need of repair. Among the roads to be made was a road from city square to River Road and a new section for Crooked Lane. With a name like that one can only guess at its problems. This sanitary lane behind The Leader office was in horrid condition and described as “an insanitary danger to the town.”

Also on the list was a request to alter the road at the Limuru Bridge to “eliminate the dangerous curve.” Limuru Bridge was a notorious deathtrap in the best of situations.

But the Public Works Department did not have the best reputation and one wonders just how many of these repairs were made.

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Quotes and headline taken from The Leader of British East Africa, March 26, 1921

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