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Monday, March 15, 2010


A person in Jade del Cameron’s time equated Kenya with horse racing, automobile racing, safaris, and a hot equatorial sun. One didn’t immediately think of an art colony. But by May 1921, Nairobi was thinking of art.

First, the following ad was placed in The Leader of British East Africa.

Then The East African Standard ran a story on May 14, 1921 about the colony’s “New Artist.” Mr. W. Hunter arrived and very quickly took “his place among the best portrayers of local natural beauties.” He painted the Ruiru falls, Thika falls, and the Ripon falls as well as Mount Kenya.

The article goes on to say that “The artist who can make our sunsets live on canvas has not yet come this way,” but “Mr. Hunter has made of them a very close approximation . . .” But Mr. Hunter didn’t stop at painting landscapes. He painted scenarios, included “a wounded hunter being attended by his wife over a fallen leopard” and “natives at work and play.”

In case someone else decided to take up the calling of artist, an ad for an art studio appeared in the May 16, 1921 issue of The Standard.

Next week: More Nairobi news
Quotes taken from The East African Standard, May 14, 1921 – weekly edition.
Brush ad taken from The Leader of British East Africa. May 7, 1921 and the art studio ad from The East African Standard, May 16, 1921

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