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Monday, October 12, 2009


Imagine yourself in the position of Ngowi, son of Lyimo, a Wachagga leader who had battled tirelessly but to no avail against the even stronger chief, Mangi Mmori. Now the old man Lyimo lay dying. He charged his son, Ngowi, to fight on “in your youth and vigour” and “rest not until you are chief of the whole of Marangu (a section of Kilimanjaro). The enemy, Mangi Mmori was also old, but he, too, had a son. So the fighting that had gone on for years would continue.

Now the young Ngowi, was up against difficult, almost impossible odds. Not only was Mangi Mmori’s son powerful on his own, he also had 3 vassal chiefs aiding him. Ngowi had none. And one of those vassal chiefs had a giant snail named Kikorwi that could resurrect the dead warriors and heal the injured ones when he came out onto the battlefield at night. So while Ngowi lost men in every battle, his enemy kept his. There was only one thing for Ngowi to do, slay the magic snail. But how?

Subterfuge was the answer. Ngowi sent a beautiful girl into the enemy territory. He hoped that the vassal chief would see her and take her into his household as a maid. Once inside the “royal circle” she could discover where the snail, Kikorwi lived. The plan worked. The girl not only was found and taken to the chief, she was shown the rocky sanctuary where Kikorwi slept during the day.

One night, “when the moon shown fitfully behind scudding clouds,” she slipped out to the snail’s lair and killed it before escaping back to Ngowi. Now, Ngowi could wage war against the vassal chief on even terms.

The Chagga people still have a proverb which began that night: “Lay bare your heart to a woman, and she will burn you in the fire.”

The quoted text was taken from Africa’s Dome of Mystery, by Eva Stuart-Watt.

NEXT WEEK: More Kilimanjaro tales.
NOTE: These blogs are meant to give some insight into the life and times of my fictional character, Jade del Cameron. Jade’s mystery adventures take place in post WWI Africa. To date they are: Mark of the Lion, Stalking Ivory, and The Serpent’s Daughter, and The Leopard’s Prey, all available in trade paperback. TREASURE OF THE GOLDEN CHEETAH is available in hardcover. An excerpt and information on pre-ordering signed copies is available at the website: Follow short updates on

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