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Monday, June 15, 2009


The Kenya Colony is in danger of being invaded. No, not hordes of locusts or rampaging wildlife, but by rich Americans. The correspondent to The East African Standard had already written about the large number of wealthy Americans who have come to the British Isles with the aim to purchase works of art and literature. He gave as evidence, a recent book sale “monopolized by Yanks” whose vast economic resources allowed them to purchase “everything of value.”

And now, the word is out that parties of those Americans are now forming in London with an eye to Kenya Colony. The goal? To hunt. A Captain L. Handley, himself a well-known hunter, has been giving the Americans advice.

American hunters in East Africa is nothing new. Former president Teddy Roosevelt and his son, Kermit, went through East Africa on a major hunting expedition in 1909. Sir William Northrup MacMillan, owner of Juja farms near Nairobi, was himself an American. This giant millionaire from St. Louis had long made his home in East Africa and was given a knighthood in recognition of his support to the British during WWI. And Carl Akely, of the Museum of Natural History in New York had frequently been in the area, collecting for the museum. But these intruders were either adopted sons or celebrity naturalists. This newer invasion looked to be larger and unstoppable.

The columnist wrote: “One thing is certain – the sportsmen are well equipped with the ‘Almighty Dollar.’” He advises the colonists to see to it that “their hefty wads of this particular commodity are not so ‘Almighty’ when they return.”

The headline taken from The East African Standard, July 10, 1920

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