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Monday, April 02, 2007


Perhaps the most dramatic man vs wildlife account took place in June 17, 1921 near Thika as reported by The Leader of British East Africa, June 18th edition. This was not a case of having a ‘tiger by the tail,’ but something far more deadly. Mr. J. J. Klopper, his wife; and two friends, Mr. and Mrs. Bekker, were on a hunting safari, and used oxen to transport their equipment. The oxen must have been a draw for some lions which made their presence known during the night. In the morning, the two men tracked the cats, a male and a female. Mr. Klopper killed the male, and his companion wounded the lioness which ran off.

A wounded animal is often much more dangerous than before, and it is neither safe nor “sporting” to leave such an animal alive. Both of the men tracked the lioness but she surprised them at a ridge and attacked Mr. Klopper, who fell to the ground under the impact. The lioness then went directly for Mr. Klopper’s throat and only his quick thinking saved him from a suffocating bite.

He shoved his knee into the cat’s chest, reached into the lioness’ open maw, and grabbed hold of her tongue. The action saved his throat, but he couldn’t hold on for very long. When the lioness pulled free, she immediately went for his left knee and ripped open his leg. However, her new position allowed Mr. Bekker to fire the killing shot without risk of hitting his companion.

Bekker called for the women to bind up the leg, and they took Mr. Klopper by ox cart to a local farmstead, where the farmer was able to transport Mr. Klopper by automobile to Nairobi’s European hospital. The injured man remained in critical condition for a week, and his leg was amputated. A notice in the June 25th edition of The Leader reported his death from the injuries.

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